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Born William Everett Mayo on December 31st in Washington, D.C., Billy has always explored positive interests, expressing himself through music, art, and sports.  After graduating high school and receiving a football scholarship to play quarterback, Billy earned a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and also a commission in the United States Marine Corps as a lieutenant.

With three-and-a-half years of the military behind him, Billy moved to California and worked as an engineer with a major aerospace corporation until acting became a powerful interest and a career change soon followed.

For over twenty years, Billy has appeared on stage, television and film, including several voiceover assignments.  Mostly seen in strong, aggressive roles such as policemen, military men and detectives, his favorite characters have been the driving, idealistic protagonists Troy Maxson in August Wilson’s Fences, Boy Willie in The Piano Lesson, Shakespeare’s Othello, a recurring guest role as a firebrand football coach on Disney's The Jersey, and Anselmo the Porter, a mysterious heavily-armed protector in ABC's short-lived suspense drama, Traveler.



A fine leading man and character actor and a reliable presence, Billy is a three-time “Drama-Logue” award recipient for performances in Fences, A Soldier’s Play, and Of Mice and Men. He’s performed in over 40 stage plays, including several Shakespearean dramas and comedies.  His television appearances include 24, Without a Trace, GREY’S Anatomy, DESPERATE Housewives, and many other episodic shows and sitcoms.  On the big screen, he has appeared in Air Force One, THE Perfect Storm, Clockstoppers and several independent films.

Stretching his talent potential even further, Billy is currently penning a horror screenplay where the fearful protagonists is unknowingly more powerful than those whom she fears; a poignant drama about two kids forced to run away from a system which seeks to "protect" them from themselves; and a stage play depicting the exploits of four disparate con artists striving to pull off their last major scam.



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