If your vision is deep and original,
your story will be unique.
...settings and characters so rare that
our eyes feast on every detail.

THE MACS (A Play): The leader of a ring of conmen has met the love of his life and wants out of the game... after one last major con. The problem: his partner's not having it. Swindle after swindle, they gather the seed money, even flim-flamming their friends, while twisted circumstances gnaw at their once-symbiotic relationship. In the end, it's the deal that wins out, enmeshing them both in a game of chance where neither realized they were the dupes. And the one who played them like a concert violin, was the woman they both thought they had.

Blue Flame, Black Blood: A bitter, intense standoff between a family of gangsters and a rival gang ignites when their sister is kidnapped. The leaders, once childhood friends, vie for possession of stolen top secret military cargo. One brother, absent from the family for years, returns home... as an FBI agent. Faced with a moral dilemma – to align with his criminal family to rescue their sister or do his duty and arrest them – he embarks on a harrowing, contentious trek with the brother who hates him the most. (excerpt to come)

Terror of the Scribe:
A homebound bibliophile suffering from agoraphobia and memory loss since a child challenges her affliction after discovering that the characters in the novel she's reading are coming to life, spawning evil and wreaking havoc in
Los Angeles. With the help of a brash, renegade, female detective, she struggles to over-come numerous phobias to venture on a quest to uncover the origin of the evil and
of her life. (excerpt to come)


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